Meet The Team!


Hi Forest School Fans!

So my story in a nutshell is that I am a parent myself, I started out my working life as a nurse. I then re-trained as a teacher and spent the majority of that time in Early Years. This is where I realised what was important to children and how they can flourish given the right environment. As a result, I am very clear about my own view of what good education looks like especially for young children.

Children need to have time to be free to play as this is where they learn their most valuable lessons in life, in a safe environment, where we are all practising and it’s ok to make mistakes. Children can learn that there are lots of right answers and learning to see things from someone else’s perspective is invaluable.

In short, Forest School supports this and impacts upon the whole child and their well being, preparing and enabling them. I therefore decided to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. So I decided to do my Forest School leader course and left my job as a teacher in the Summer of 2017 to set up Grass Roots Muddy Boots, in order to pursue an educational ethos that I am passionate about. Come and play the Forest School way!


Siobhan and I have been collaborating since early this year. Siobhan runs her own Forest School called TreeTops. She brings with her a wealth of experience of working outside with children. She has recently completed her Thrive training and has over 10 years experience of working within school as a learning mentor, specialising in children who struggle with mainstream education due to additional needs. We make a great team as we are both invest greatly in including all children in Forest School and the benefits of regular Forest School for children.


Child Wellbeing



Our Amazing Adults


Chris is semi-retired and he LOVES making stuff out of wood.

Chris is semi-retired and LOVES making stuff out of wood.



Joan is a super keen gardener and loves being outside sharing her knowledge of plants and birds with the children.



Nick usually works as a dentist but loves making fires in the woods at Forest School.


Sophie is a teacher and a mountain rescuer. She loves making stuff with ropes!

Sophie works as a teacher and a mountain rescuer, she also loves making stuff with ropes at Forest School!



Phil is a semi-retired police officer who loves playing out and having a positive impact on young people.



Millie is in further education still and in her spare time volunteers for us. She loves working with Early Years!

Keeping Children Safe.

All our adults are DBS checked and I know personally very well. Keeping children in our care safe is our first priority. We are insured and have all the correct policies and procedures in place to ensure that while children are taking risks and challenging themselves they are also safe.